Sea Mineral Beauty Care
"Every sickness, every disease, and every ailment can be traced to a mineral deficiency"
Dr. Linus Pauling, a nobel prize awardee
Vitamins are good, but not enough for human to stay fully healthy. People also need minerals that provide certain nutrients and keep the body strong and healthy. Minerals are usually found in daily foods extracted from the land.
Due to environmental exploitation, mineral contents of the land have been gradually worn out, so the quantity and quality of minerals in the food produced from the land have pretty much decreased.
The key is Magnesium. Up to 80% of people are deficient
Natural nigari is well known in the west as “La Mer”, Mother Nature’s liquid.
The base of nigari is magnesium chloride(anti-stress), but it has over 100 other mineral salts such as potassium chloride and calcium chloride and sulfates. And also contains more than 40 trace elements like selenium (anti-cancer), boron, manganese, chromium and zinc. From among the various mineral waters and health supplements available,

Nigari is the simplest and most naturally blessed
Natural nigari, particularly in liquid form, is absorbed much easier by the human body. It is made from extraction of sea water with chrystalisation auto-clave.
And we choose from our best area in Indonesia, Madura sea water, Which scientifically proved to contain very high mineral essentials.
Why Skin-Care Products..
Many disease of skin, skin cancer, are caused by lack of nutritions of skin.
(Dr. Otto H. Warburg - 1931 Nobel Prize winner for the work with cancer cells)
Skin is the widest part of our body, it is the boundary between You and 'the outer world'. Skin gives you protection, at the same time it absorbs everything
Therefore, we develop new skin-care products - BIOSEA Sea Mineral Beauty care-, with Sea Mineral (Natural Nigari) as the most active ingredients, which absolutely repair, hydrate, & feed your skin with essential vitamins & minerals.




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